A little bit about me and how I ended up here.


  • I was born and raised in Scotland, UK.


  • After leaving school at 18 I worked as a lifeguard for nearly 2 years before moving to Fiji for a year. I spent this time as a volunteer doing marine conservation.


  • In 2013 I met a wonderful woman by the name of Casey Michaels. She is a third generation, professional stunt artist who re-inspired me to go for something I had always wanted to do. Thank you Casey!

  • Since then I have worked on gaining my experience and knowledge in as many aspects of film making as I can.


  • I am an actor with an interest in directing so in an effort to learn all I can about the entire production process I have taken on roles ranging from "runner" and "supporting artiste" to "assistant director" as well as "principal actor" on productions ranging from zero budget to multi-millions. I am constantly learning on and off the set and I'm loving it. Besides you gotta start somewhere right? :)


  • I trained for a spell at Acting Coach Scotland in Mark Westbrook's, mindset technique (inspired by David Mamet, Stanford Meisner and Constantin Stanislavski) and I do my own study of the acting process. I learn best by watching and doing and my times on set are the most valued training I can ever get.


  • So here I am. What happens from now on is unknown to me but I am excited to find out. Please come and be part of this amazing adventure with me and let's find out together.


  • Never stop believing in yourself!


  • Never lose hope in the seemingly impossible!


  • Never forget who you are! ;)

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